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About Dongju

    About Dongju

    ONG JU College!

    The new Professionals of tomorrow!

    DONG JU College!

    focused on the majors, To ensure high quality of instruction.
    Efforts to increase employment rate.
    Thinking from the position of the student,Understanding into the mind of the student.
    A new leap forward, a new wave Waits for you.

    Study in Busan, Korea!

    One can graduate from college by taking intensive Korean courses to learn Korean in first year and taking major courses in second year.

    Introducing our Dong Ju College

    Dong Ju college was established in 1978 under the slogan of truth, justice and ingenuity in Busan that is the second city in Korea and educated students to be the professionals in variety industries.

    And also, Dong Ju college is highly regarded institute among the industries.

    Dong Ju college is educating students with productive and practical curriculums based on ingenuity and personality education to be the leader globalized and informationized society of 21st century and is focusing to produce quality professionals who can contribute to the growth of the country and prosperity of the mankind.

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