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    Introducing our Dong Ju College

    Distinctive Features and Benefits of Studying Abroad

    Leading the beauty industry After establishing department of beauty, first in Korea.(Awarded The Minister of Health and Welfare Prize)

    Awarded government grant as the health specialized college for 5 consecutive years after establishing Department of Health and Welfare, first in Busan.

    Specilized in Hotel & Tourism, Beauty, Health Care and Flight Attendant.

    Exclusive classes for international students.Oversea located Korean company Job placement program for international students after completing job training program.

    Exemption of entrance fee and special international student scholarship plus other scholarships.

    Offering exclusive dormitory for the international students.

    Internationalized Programs

    • Network with foreign college degree(2+2 degree program, crosswalk program)
    • Student Exchange, Study Foreign Language Abroad, International Intern, International Voluntary Work
    • Opening of Korean Cultural Center
    • Sister Universities
      • Australia : University of Sunshine Coast, University of Tasmana, University of Curtin
      • Japan : Osaka University, Koran Women's College and 4 other institutes.
      • China : Soochow University, Zhejiang University, University of Shanghai and 6 other institutes.
      • U.S.A. : State University of New York at New Paltz, California State University, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, San Diego University.

    Admission Requirements & Required Documents

    • High school graduates and higher or Person with equivalent Academic Achievement.
    • Person who can obtain student visa by Korean immigration Control Law.
      • Admission Application
      • Self introducing statement
      • TOPIK test
      • Diploma (final graduation)
      • Certificate of family relations.
      • Copy of passport (Must be valid through the period of study at Dong Ju College-University)
      • Bank statement

    Regular Course Programs

    Regular Course Programs
    Division course admission time remarks
    1 year intensive Korean(1st semester) 2March, September history trip and cultural experiencer
    (Korean cooking, friendship camp, mentoring)
    major courses(2nd semester)
    2 years intensive Korean( 1st year) March, September
    Major courses (2nd year)
    special course optional course nonscheduled

    ※ diplomas for 2 years program

    Guide to Korean Course

    Guide to lectures

    Korean course has 4 quarters per year and 10 weeks per quarter. Classes are 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, 4 hours a day. Saturdays have special program (experiencing Korean culture)

    Guide to lectures
    semester course period quarter hours of course
    1st quarter 03. 02 ~ 05. 10 10 weeks per quarter, 200 hours
    (800 hours per year)
    summer quarter 06. 02 ~ 08. 09
    2nd quarter 09. 02 ~ 11. 08
    winter quarter 12. 02 ~ 02. 07

    Recruitment period

    Recruitment period
    semester recruitment period course period
    1st quarter End of January March ~ May
    summer quarter End of April June ~ August
    2nd quarter End of July September~November
    winter quarter End of October December~February


    section level learning contents
    beginner level 1 Basic Korean vocabulary and learning ofbasic grammar 1.
    Learning everyday practical Korean (Listening and Speaking)
    level 2 Practical expression in Korean and basicgrammar 2.
    Learning of Korean culture
    intermediate level 1 Current topics of Korea and businessKorean
    Learning of Korean traditional culture
    level 2 Natural Korean speaking and learningthinking of Korean
    Understanding of Korea through experiencing Korean culture
    advanced level 1 Diversifying of various vocabulary andlearning of speaking (free talking)
    (Textual exposition of news and newspapers, writing diary)
    level 2 Learning of debating and discussionability
    Training on how to write research papers and reports
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